Yoga classes taught in English


Yoga classes taught in English. During the course students will get acquainted with basic asanas in Iyengar yoga and with the use of props. Iyengar yoga is recommended for those who start practicing yoga as well as for those who already have had some previous experience and want to start practicing again after a break. The classes introduce how to work with the feet and build strong and stable legs in asanas. Students will also learn how to work with arms, shoulders, chest and head; we will also strive to tone abdominal muscles and back muscles. 

During the classes students are using props, such as blankets, blocks and belts for individual use. The course for beginners introduces mainly standing poses as they bring strength, flexibility, balance and vitality. Regular practice will help students to possess the basic knowledge regarding asanas and understand themselves. Every class pays also attention to relaxation technique in Shavasana (corpse pose). 

Benefits of yoga:

• restores natural joint mobility,
• affects the whole body,
• restores static balance and relieves movement organs,
• helps to maintain stress in everyday life,
• helps to look deep inside yourself,
• positively influences pain in back or muscles,
• improves blood circulation,
• supports immunological system,
• improves work of internal organs, glands and sense organs,
• lays emphasis on mental and emotional balance, more optimism and self-acceptance.


Classes are very gentle and suitable for everyone, regardless their age and physical fitness. If you do not feel confident about your physical fitness or you need solid foundation for further practice, this group will be perfect for you. Bear in mind that you can stay in this group as long as you want, if you decide so. 


There is no particular start date. You may join any time as the group is open. No registration and booking is required.

Classes last 75 minutes.
You only need to bring comfortable clothes that do not bind or restrict your movements: T-shirt/tank top and pants. Yoga is practiced only barefoot. All props (also mats) are available (for free) at Fabryka Energii.